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Make your special occasion a unique experience

The Braid Ladies have been braiding and styling hair since 1990. Their ongoing passion, training and years of experience give them unique expertise and artistic flair in the hair styles they create.

Whatever the occasion: ice skating, wedding, quinceanera, prom, or other event, you can count on The Braid Ladies to be there and make you look stylish, trendy, elegant — and most importantly, feel great!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Is my hair long enough to braid? 
A - If you can get your hair into a pony tail, yes. Even if it's just long enough in the front to pull up into a high pony, the front can be braided. 

Q - How long can I leave the braid in? 
A - As long as it lasts. Most braids can get wet, so you can foam up shamopo and rinse your hair. Everyone is a little different; some people don't mind when the braid gets fuzzy. I don't recommend leaving it in any longer than a month. 

Q - When I take the braid out there is a LOT of hair that comes out too — did I leave the braid in too long? 
A - No, you didn't leave it in too long. Everyday, everyone's scalp releases 75 to 150 strands of hair in the natural growth process. When you keep your hair braided, those hairs are stuck until the braid comes out. Usually those hairs would be in your brush, down the drain, on the car seat cover, in the vacuum, etc. If you leave your braid in for 7 days, that's an average of 700 strands of hair that let go, but didn't get brushed away. Don't panic. 

Q - What can I do to make the braids last longer? 
A - When your braids are put in, the smaller the draws are, the longer it will last. Also, the more braids you have, the longer it will last. Once the braids are in, I recommend sleeping on a satin pillow case. This is a good idea year-round, as the satin is slippery and doesn't grab at your hair like cotton. Also, with water or hair spray, smooth the hair in the direction of the braid each morning.

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